About this site:

This is a site for introducing, explaining, and discussing the newest ways to teach and learn science in the K-12 grades.  As computing power and the internet grow, literally thousands of new ways to present science material and to explore science in an inquiry fashion are appearing.

A little about me:

I am a former professor of bioengineering who is changing careers to focus on science education and outreach.   My passions have always been a) to develop new tools for doing science, and b) to share these with the world so that they have an impact.

Why this site exists:

Recent work in my field has focused on developing inexpensive, fast, and powerful methods for diagnosing disease, especially in resource-limited settings.  I was fascinated to discover that many of the same constraints that exist in sub-Saharan Africa exist in K-12 education.  These include the requirements for low cost, robustness of the tools, ease of use with minimal training, and the use of locally sourced materials for tool construction.  Because I believe that education has the potential to impact society the most of any human endeavor, this site exists to teach what I know and to allow others to teach me more about this fascinating area of work.

How to use this site:

Feel free to explore the site – each post generally introduces a new technology or discusses one that I have introduced earlier.  Sometimes there is an accompanying podcast – this will be noted in the post and there will be a link to the podcast at the bottom of the post.  If you have a technology that you think should be featured on the site, please contact me to let me know!