Podcast Episode #1: Back to School Science Books

In this first podcast episode, I review my favorite books about science that aren’t textbooks.  There are books about cholera, poisonings in New York City at the turn of the 19th century, Nobel Prize winners, and one plucky British boy who nearly kills his whole family doing chemistry experiments in his basement shortly after World War II.  I recommend all of these books.

My book list includes:

Uncle Tungsten – Oliver Sacks

The Ghost Map – Steven Johnson

No Ordinary Mike – Eric Damer and Caroline Astell

Cantor’s Dilemma – Carl Djerassi

The Poisoner’s Handbook – Deborah Blum

Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA – Brenda Maddox

Some of the books have had press coverage.  These include:

NPR Science Friday interview with author Deborah Blum about her book The Poisoner’s Handbook

NPR All Things Considered interview with Brenda Maddox about her book Rosalind Franklin:  The Dark Lady of DNA

Which books of these have you read?  Which ones did you like, if any?  Why?  Which ones did I miss?  Post your comments below!

Science Teaching Tools Podcast Episode #1


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