Education Startup Hopefuls Test Ideas with Educators

 There is a cool article in Education Week about entrepreneurs who hope to launch new businesses with products and services aimed at educators and the educational system.  The bulk of the article is pay-only (grr) but there is a video worth watching at the site.  The video highlights one team in the incubator who has developed a website for allowing teachers to give feedback to each other based on videos they post of their teaching.  This is an awesome distance-learning approach to professional development and only one of many good ideas in the incubator.

I think this program is a great idea – the more bright minds we have working on these problems, the better the outcomes will be.  Go innovation!

This reminds me, I came up with a similar awesome idea this past weekend about a website I could code that would help teachers, but I have to do some background checking to see if it’s been done already.  Stay tuned for more details, and if the idea’s got legs, I will likely ask for some help getting it started!


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