“Angry Brids Playground” to teach kids physics

I caught a piece this morning about a new Angry Birds application currently under development whose purpose is to teach kids, specifically elementary school students, about physics.  While details are sketchy at this point, the Angry Birds team has a collaboration with CERN, the European particle physics lab.  The new app is purported to perhaps involve some particle physics, which would be…interesting given the crazy quantum effects these particles experience sometimes.  I suspect instead that any particles will be spherical masses interacting using Newtonian physics.  This would be an attractive way, in a video game environment, to get kids thinking about Newtonian physics and what it can and cannot do.  If they do find a way to teach 3rd graders about gluons and quarks, though, then I will need to go back to school myself!  You can read more about the effort at the Mashable page here.


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