Contraptor – DIY Open Source Construction Set

Contraptor Structural KitI was using StumbleUpon recently and I came across a fantastic new DIY construction set called Contraptor.  The idea is that for about $300 in parts, you can get the basic structural parts needed to fabricate a basic set of Cartesian robots, including CNC mills, mini-routers, and plotters.  The motors and electronics are extra, but these can be had online or from Contraptor for additional cost.  Personally, I want to grab the structural kit because that is what I can’t do myself at home, then make myself a neat Pantorouter, plans for which I found about two years ago.  I love the Pantorouter idea but the plywood construction just doesn’t seem stable enough for more fine detail work, which I want to do.  Imagine carving a fine detail into a joint for a period piece or along a curved surface for customization.

I should add that Contraptor also supplies, in appropriate open source fashion, the Google SketchUp models of their components as well as DXF and SVG versions on Thingiverse.

See the various Contraptor kits for purchase here.


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