I’m back – and so are science teaching tools!

After a longer-than-anticipated hiatus, I’m back with some more awesome science teaching tools.  The next few posts will highlight my recent collection of neat things found around the Inter-webs.


100,000 Stars, now available from Google.

100,000 Stars:  This is not a new tool, but a really sweet one.  It’s from Google, and only runs on  Chrome browsers, but it displays the location, color, and in some cases size and additional information, about every star in our galaxy.  You can zoom into our solar system see the relative size of the solar system compared to the galaxy, learn about the Oort cloud, and learn about nearby stars to our solar system.  I use it with my adult students to help them grasp the relative distances between celestial objects.

Man on jetpack, obeying Newton's Third Law.

Man on jetpack, obeying Newton’s Third Law.

Jetpack Rocket Science:  This is a YouTube video from 1veritasium that does a good job of explaining Newton’s Laws as they apply to rockets and jetpacks.  The video is well done, fun and interesting.  I recommend it.


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