Great science animations site

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before!

If you are in need of a great set of animations about physics, math , or even more advanced concepts like materials science and engineering, look no further than

I found this site the other day when trying to explain conservation of energy to a student, and this set of animations really demonstrates the idea of transfer of energy from one form to another well:

And check out this one on the Bernoulli theorem!

The animations are Flash, so you will need to take some extra effort to view them on mobile devices (iOS or Android), but here is how you might consider doing that:

1.  Download Puffin browser for iOS devices or Android devices (either free or paid)

2.  Download Dolphin browser for Android devices.

3.  You can try to side-load Flash for Android devices by following these steps:

  • Search Google for “flash for android apk”.
  • From the Adobe site the link takes you to, download the latest .apk file
  • Go to your market or app store of choice and search, download, and install “apk installer”.
  • Go to the settings of your android device and find the “allow unknown sources” box and check it.
  • Go to the apk installer program you installed and navigate to the downloaded flash player apk and install.

Good luck and have fun!


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