Real-time vibrations experiment controlled over the Internet

I was recently introduced to a neat site that you can use to control a real-time mechanical vibrations set-up over the Internet.  The setup is housed at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and consists of a classic mass-spring-dashpot system.  Users can set values for each parameter, run experiments, and collect data remotely over the Internet.  You can see some sample data and videos here, and read more about the system over here.

Note that you will have to download a LabVIEW Runtime engine to be able to control the system remotely, and the site claims that “the plug-in is supported by Internet Explorer and Netscape, but not Firefox.”  Which gives you some idea of when this site first went up.  Luckily, physics doesn’t change that much 🙂

This is fairly advanced math, but might be appropriate for high school calculus classes or calculus/differential equations courses in college environments.  Have a look and see if it might fit your needs!



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